Stay and Trains

We are pleased to offer Stay and Train packages, where you drop of your K9 and they stay at our Kamp facility and receive personalized intensive training based on your needs and goals for 2 weeks or 4 weeks (if issues warrant) We can focus on several skills including loose leash walking, come (recall), Leave it (not picking something off floor or counter, etc when you tell them not to), Mat (learning to go to a desired pad, bed, mat that you specify and learning to stay there), Stay, Down, and Sit. We offer the following Stay and Train packages:

– 2 weeks (14 nights) – $1,699.00   – 4 weeks (one month) – $2,999.00

We will tailor a program based on your individual needs and goals and provide you with the appropriate tools and guidance to continue on the right path once your kid comes back home.