Petite Pooches

We’re proud to announce that our Petite Pooches Campus has opened. The Petite Pooches Campus operates weekdays from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. and offers full and half days of “enhanced daycare” for small dogs.

Our Petite Pooches Campus is a separate facility with a training curriculum and environment designed specifically for the ‘Petite Pooch’! We have created an atmosphere where your pup achieves the proper balance of both mental and physical stimulation—a formula that creates a happy and pampered pooch!

The new facility includes an outside play area as well as four separate indoor rooms, each with a different purpose. Petite pooches can run around and socialize with friends in the Romp Room, which is a large, open play area. The Brain Game Room features puzzle toys designed to stimulate the dog’s mind, while the Agility Fun Room offers dogs the chance to navigate “petite sized” obstacles and experience the joy of agility, a popular dog sport. When it’s time to rest, the pooches can relax in the Doggie Zen Room, which features calming elements like soft, lavender-scented blankets and soothing music.

Our Petite Pooches enjoy a wide variety of activities and our new facility provides activities for them all….from the young, high energy pups to the problem-solvers and even the older, less energetic pooches!  The fulfillment each pooch experiences from the variety of physical and mental stimulation shows in their excitement to arrive at school each day!

Our customers—both human and canine—have given us their stamp of approval! It’s instinctual for dogs of all sizes to enjoy exploration and discovery in their environment, and the Petite Pooch Campus provides this enrichment daily—small dog style!

The proud petite pooch owners enjoy the “academy” aspect of the campus. Just like Happy K9’s standard K9 Prep School, the Petite Pooches Campus offers the STAR Achievement Program, where each dog receives one-on-one obedience lessons relative to helping them become a well behaved family member and they achieve formal recognition of their achievements!

We teach skills that relate to their life at home such as loose leash walking and sitting while greeting people.  Each pup receives a report card at the end of every day so that the family can reinforce the new skills the dog has learned at Happy K9.

We all live very busy lives, and it can be challenging to make sure that our 4-legged family members get all that they need to be a Happy K9. As a society, we tend to take for granted that small dogs don’t need as much activity and are just happy to be couch potatoes BUT the reality is they do need more!

At Happy K9 Academy, Inc., we have the best jobs in the world because we are able to provide a meaningful and positive solution for both our 2-legged and 4-legged customers.  Our customers are able to leave their dogs with us, knowing that we genuinely love and care for each one of them as a part of our family.  Now, thanks to the new Petite Pooches Campus, we can do an even better job of ensuring that even our smallest customers enjoy a proper balance of social and one-on-one time for their mental and physical well-being.

For more information about the Petite Pooches Campus, call (843) 947-0881.

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